Burn Injury Victims: 10 Legal Questions to Ask an Accident Lawyer

Burn injury victims involve almost 500,000 Americans every year. Work-related burn injuries may leave you with severe scars and irreversible damage, such as the loss of a limb or even your vision. Thankfully, in some cases, burn injuries can heal over time.

When employees get hurt in a fire or electrical accident at work, they can sue for damages and any potential loss of income. Burn sufferers can claim compensation whether the accident happens via the company’s fault or a third-party contractor.

Here are ten critical legal questions you need to know to check whether you are eligible for compensation or not: 

1. How Bad Is My Burn?

If you suffered from a severe burn injury, it is highly unlikely that you can recover from it. On the other hand, you can expect to heal in time if you have a minor burn injury.

2. Is My Employer to Blame for the Burns?

If the burn accident was your employer’s fault, you could claim compensation. However, if you cannot prove it happened under their watch, your claim will likely be denied.

3. What Is the Nature of the Accident?

It’s essential to determine the cause of the burn injury since you may not be getting just compensation if the accident is not your employer’s or a third party’s fault. 

4. Do I Have Any Witnesses?

It will likely be justified if you have credible witnesses to support your claim. Otherwise, you may find it hard to prove your injury was caused by your employer’s mistake.

5. How Long Ago Was the Incident?

As much as possible, you must file for compensation as near to the date of the accident. It is why you need to hire an accident lawyer right away, so even while you’re recuperating, your case is being processed. 

It will be easier to assess and rightfully compensate damages when the case is recent. 

6. What Is the Nature of My Job?

As an employee, you may be eligible to claim compensation. However, if your occupation is not work-related, you can only seek compensation if you were injured as a direct outcome of a third party’s negligence.

7. Do I Have Any Injuries Besides Burns?

In addition to your burn injury, did you suffer from other injuries due to the accident? If you experienced other injuries, your employer might be forced to compensate you for them because you were more severely affected.

8. Will My Burn Injury Heal?

Did your burn injury affect your skin, muscles, or bones? If the burn injury is only on your skin and muscles, you are likely to recover. On the other hand, if the burn injury affects your bones, you may have scarring for the rest of your life.

9. What Is the Potential for Future Damage?

If you face burn injuries that affect your bones, muscles, or organs, you will likely suffer the consequences forever. For example, if you obtain burn injuries on your limbs, you may end up losing your limbs if you don’t treat them.

Burn injuries can also affect your ability to perform your job temporarily or long-term. It can impact your mobility, independence, or physical appearance, compromising future chances of providing well for your family.

10. What Are My Chances of Receiving Compensation?

When pursuing compensation, you must prove your injury was caused by another person, entity, or negligence. The court special masters evaluate the severity of your burn injury to determine the amount of compensation. 

You can get financial aid for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

It Is Worth Taking Your Case to Court 

Don’t shy away from taking your case to court, especially if you have solid proof of employee negligence. By doing so, you can receive compensation and prevent other coworkers from facing future injuries like yours.

Sometimes, burn victims settle out of court too quickly, without assessing damages to their livelihood and future due to the injury. That is why you should get an expert accident lawyer immediately.

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