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Medical Negligence Cases Worth Millions in New York City

Medical malpractice is a serious situation that occurs more often than people believe. And lawsuits involving medical malpractice receive some of the most expensive payouts in the country, especially in New York City. Typically, a serious case of medical negligence costs more than $650,000 in one settlement. Read this article to learn about medical negligence

Everything Landlords Must Know about Tenant Burn Injuries

Hundreds of thousands of people seek medical treatment for their burn injuries every year. When people go through these wounds, they encounter physical challenges. Other than that, they also experience psychological injuries that require equal treatment. For tenants who may have encountered burn injuries due to landlord negligence, you can seek compensation claims for what

What to Do in a Construction Accident Involving a Passerby

Most construction sites are equipped with barriers, netting, warning signs, and temporary walkways to protect innocent bystanders and workers.  However, if you are one of the unfortunate innocents seriously injured by a construction material or piece of equipment, such safety measures will not alleviate your pain.  You are not likely to be reassured by the

Electrocution Accidents and the Injuries They Can Cause

Electrocution, coined in 1889, is a combination of “electro” and “execute.” The term first referred to deaths via the electric chair, but the meaning gradually changed to “any death by electricity.” Currently, electrocution is a leading cause of death worldwide. It’s extremely worrying, given that it can happen at home and in the workplace. In

Getting Compensation for Getting Run Over by Equipment

Construction site workers handle heavy equipment and work in dangerous locations due to the nature of their occupation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has several safety regulations to protect these workers. Despite these stringent regulations, the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) reports roughly 150,000 accidents every year on construction sites despite these regulations.