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Accidents happen all the time and for as many accidents that happen there are the ones that create serious injury and trauma. Keep up on the latest news and information and be prepared for the one Injury that requires legal help.

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neck and back pain

Average Settlements for Neck and Back Injuries: What to Know

A traumatic car accident happens just how your imagination dictates—broken bones, countless fractures, bleeding, and other more fatal damages. Others injuries are not so apparent, however, especially when they happen around the head, neck, and back. Most injuries could lead to severed cords, internal bleeding, and other painful conditions that appear days after the accident.

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All About Pedestrian Accidents: What You Need to Know

Busy cities like New York City means that motorists and pedestrians alike have to contend with traffic to get to their destinations safely. While traffic laws dictate that motorists must give way to pedestrians, this usually does not happen, resulting in serious pedestrian accidents and even death. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable on public roads,

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night road

My Car Got Totaled in an Accident: Ways to Get Compensation

Getting into a car accident is one of the scariest disasters people run into. Imagine spending your day running errands and getting groceries, and in just a snap, things can go south. Fortunately, you’re safe and unharmed; however, the same cannot be said with your car. Automobile accidents are unfavorable in many regards, and the

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