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Accidents happen all the time and for as many accidents that happen there are the ones that create serious injury and trauma. Keep up on the latest news and information and be prepared for the one Injury that requires legal help.

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Learning is critical to shaping your child’s life – and we are committed to owning that role completely.

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Children are invited to explore in a secure environment where they can learn more about themselves.

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In our art club, our focus is to help children build a strong relationship between themselves & creativity.


Signs of Workplace Sexual Harassment You Should Watch Out for

What workplace sexual harassment means may vary depending on where you live and what the laws in your state are. That said, sexual harassment laws are consistent across North America.  Sexual harassment is generally defined as any unwelcome conduct or comments. These are based on a person’s sex or sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender

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What Are the Components of A Malpractice Case in New York?

Plaintiffs’ medical malpractice lawsuits are becoming increasingly difficult to win. In fact, between 1992 and 2014, the rate of successful medical malpractice cases fell by nearly 56%, according to studies.  More than ever, having an experienced NYC medical malpractice attorney on your side is critical. If you were hurt due to a medical professional’s error,

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Domestic Violence: How It Can Cause Traumatic Brain Injury

The National Institutes of Health reports that domestic violence affects roughly ten million people yearly. It equates to one in four women while one in nine men. A medical professional may treat a victim of such an attack at some point in their career.  We see many women’s studies (feminist studies and medical research) on brain injuries,

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