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4 Tips for Strengthening Your Personal Injury Case

The emergency room sees thousands of patients a year that have been injured through an accident. Whether a fire injury, auto accident, workplace accident, or a slip and fall, these incidents can leave patients with high medical bills, even when they occurred due to someone else’s actions or negligence. In these cases, you can pursue

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personal injury lawyer

Understanding Personal Injury Settlements: Are They Taxable?

A settlement happens during a legal case when the parties can reach an agreement outside a court’s intervention. This usually comes with a final settlement agreement, which is a document stating that parties waive their rights to pursue any legal action, as well as monetary recovery from the case in question. Settlements are usually encouraged

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What Post-Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Entails

Every 21 seconds, an American sustains some kind of head injury. Many of them go on to be diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), which is a severe personal injury that can impact every aspect of an individual’s life and is often the result of a car accident.  The CDC reports that for individuals

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Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics: What You Need to Know

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 1.7 million people experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI) annually in the U.S. A TBI happens when a traumatic event, such as a blast, a penetrating force, a blast, or an explosion causes the brain to suffer from physical injury. The impact on brain function

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sexual harrassment

Filing Formal Sexual Harassment Complaints: What to Know

Sexual harassment is an unfortunate yet pervasive concern affecting many organizations. No one goes on the record saying they advocate for it, but many institutions, unwittingly or otherwise, uphold systems that perpetuate this type of misconduct. Federal sexual harassment laws cover companies with 15 or more employees, and states have more specific anti-harassment laws which

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What Constitutes a False Arrest and How to Get Compensated

While many police officers do their best to carry out justice fairly, mistakes and violations can occur. False arrests can happen, and when it happens, it can be a traumatizing experience for the unfortunate victim. Fortunately, there are protections for these, allowing the victim to claim monetary damages under the civil rights lawsuits.  That being

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What Are You Rights for Suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

The gravity of accidents varies for everyone, but one of the silent killers that can completely change your life without leaving any physical damages includes a traumatic brain injury (TBI). It’s a devastating injury that can happen in various ways — be it a car accident, a hard fall to the ground, a sports injury,

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An NYC Native’s Guide to Justifiable Settlements

If you’ve ever experienced an injury or your property received damage because of someone else’s carelessness, you may have thought about getting a settlement offer.  While your parents, older relatives, or older associates may tell you to sue the negligent person responsible for your misfortune, the fact is that lawsuits can be more trouble than

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construction work

What to Do After a Construction Accident in NYC: Our Guide

The Big Apple is often synonymous with many different things, such as Broadway, art, subways, Times Square, rap culture, a couple of dozen sitcoms, and hundreds of movies. However, there’s one more concept that it’s also unfortunately associated with: construction accidents. With New York staying true to its image as a place that never sleeps,

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car accident

Rear-End Accidents: Our in-Depth Legal Guide

Rear-end accidents are one of the most common types of road collisions today. Currently responsible for millions in damages, tens of thousands of hospital trips, and thousands of deaths annually, these accidents are especially frequent in Manhattan and New York City.  If you’ve experienced a rear-end accident before, then you’re most likely familiar with just

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