brain damage

Brain Damage Due to Medical Malpractice: What to Know

Over the years, brain damage remains one of the most prominent nightmares that many New Yorkers find themselves wary of each day. Compared to conditions with more comfortable recovery periods and lower treatment costs, this condition remains one of the most severe that anyone can experience, especially when you consider all else that follows.  A

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snow and ice

What Should I Do When Injured in a Snow and Ice Accident in NYC?

When winter comes, snow and ice envelop New York City, making it an urban winter wonderland for its millions of residents. Even with subzero temperatures, New Yorkers continue to go out, pick up food, run errands, or maybe even enjoy the fresh powder settling over the city. However, if they aren’t careful, they can wound

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clinic malpractice

Clinic to Court: 2 Common Reasons to Sue For Medical Malpractice

Throughout people’s lives, it becomes increasingly clear at one point or another that trust is a rare commodity that comes by in various forms. One distinct display of this is in the level of faith that is placed in the medical professionals that care for you. Compared to many other professionals in the world, doctors

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