Law 101: Hiring a Lawyer after a Minor Car Accident

Imagine you’re cruising through traffic after a tiring Friday. Out of nowhere, you didn’t notice that another car had hit you. You and the other driver step out to assess the damage but find that the damage is minimal. Then you think: should I lawyer up and sue? After all, the damage is just minor, and you’re thinking of saving yourself the trouble.

What you should know is that failing to file a police report, no matter how minor the issue may be, is illegal. The law requires that you file a police report even if there’s no severe damage involved or if the offense happened in a moving vehicle. The same applies if the damage to your car is minimal.

This and other intricacies will be discussed in this article, so read on below to get started.

Why You Should File a Police Report

Police reports are meant to provide officers with the details of the incident, especially if there’s physical injury involved. The report will be transmitted to the national crime database and used in prosecuting criminals.

A police report will also protect you when you buy insurance or apply for it. An insurance company will ask you whether you have filed a police report or not. If you have, it’s only a matter of filling out some details, and you will be covered. But if you didn’t file a police report, the company may refuse to cover you. A police report will also be needed for your proof of loss.

Aside from the above reasons, you should file a police report for these reasons:

Hidden Injuries

If you were involved in a minor car accident, you might think there’s no damage. But what about hidden injuries? You can’t always tell whether there’s an injury or not. For instance, if you were involved in a car accident with a drunk driver, the drunk driver may have injured himself and not even realized it. You have to inform the authorities of such incidents to help put away drunk drivers.

Fraudulent Accidents

Have you ever heard of the term “crash-for-cash?” It’s a scam in which some people stage car crashes to obtain money from insurance companies. The scammers will often hire someone to drive a vehicle in their vehicle and then claim that they are the victims of an accident.

Getting Sued Out of Nowhere

Let’s say you and the other driver talked it out, shook hands, and went your merry ways. After a few days, you find a court summons in your mailbox. As it turns out, the other driver filed their claim against you, even if you know they’re at fault. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

To avoid these situations, you should always file a police report and keep a record of the report.

What to Include in the Police Report

The first thing you should include in the police report is your personal information. You should list your name, address, place of birth, and contact details. Suppose you were involved in a car accident or with a criminal. In that case, you should also include the registration number of the vehicles involved and other details that will help the authorities track down the driver.

Apart from the details, you should also describe the event in detail and keep a record of the conversation you had with the other driver. If you are injured, you should also document your injuries and the estimated cost of your expenses.

What to Do After Filing a Police Report

After filing a police report, you should expect to receive a copy of the report. This copy is like a receipt whereby you can prove that you have filed a police report. If you need to file an insurance claim or a court case, your copy of the report will come in handy.

You’ll also be informed of the following steps that you need to take if the investigation is still ongoing. The investigating agency will contact you and ask for your feedback and any other details. You should receive the copy of the police report within 10 days of filing the report.


No matter how minor the accident, always remember that you must report it. If you don’t file a police report, the authorities and the insurance companies won’t know that you were involved in an accident. Without a police report and the details, they won’t help you or provide you with justice.

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